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Post Wedding Milestones – What is next?

Who could have predicted what lay ahead in 2020 with the arrival of the Covid-19 Pandemic which has thrown everything in the air? For many couples who had planned for their big occasion during these past months, it has been a time of turmoil, stress, and disappointment. Between lockdowns, changing health guidelines, reduction in guest numbers, hotel closures etc., for many couples, 2020 has been consigned to Room 101 as they look to 2021 during which to host their big day.

Your wedding day certainly features as one of Life’s Milestones.

So, it’s only natural that you are beginning to wonder what happens after you say, “I do”. After all the countless hours and days spent in lead up to planning your dream wedding, it can be a shock to the system to suddenly have what may seem as endless free time and no specific events on which to focus.

However, there are many different and exciting milestones you can enjoy after the big day which will bring many more moments of delight.

The Honeymoon

After the big day, typically comes the honeymoon. It maybe a few days, few weeks, or months before you jet off, having this to look forward to can seriously cure those post-wedding blues.

Whether you’re heading back to a favourite holiday destination. embarking on a once-in-a-lifetime trip around the world or maybe it’s a cruise, there will be plenty of last-minute planning to keep you busy ahead of take-off.

Interestingly, a January 2020 Irish Survey* highlights that the average budget for a wedding including honeymoon is almost €30,000. As part of the survey, feedback was given by couples who had been through the wedding process with a popular comment being “Save more in advance”.

Building a Home Together

While the number of people who cohabit before marriage continues to grow, it seems that for many couples, weddings are higher on the priority list than a mortgage. Whether you are yet to get a foot on the property ladder or you’ve been putting off those expensive home renovations, the post-wedding period is the ideal time to get serious about creating your very own cosy nest. From the bigger decisions like what to use each room for, down to which taps to choose for the bathroom, be sure to appreciate every aspect of building a life together.

For couples who still want to have their big day in 2020 and have saved accordingly, you may find that your outlays have been reduced due to the changed environment and restriction on guest numbers. This may leave you with surplus funds which will help with other projects on the ‘To Do List’.

Expanding the Family

If you’ve been looking forward to expanding your family, the months after your wedding will be the perfect time to start thinking about what this looks like for both of you. Whether you’re keen to have children or can’t wait to rehome a rescue cat/dog, this is the time to get excited about planning what is next for your family.

rom pets to babies, adding to your family can be a huge commitment, so be sure to openly discuss your thoughts and feelings about this with your other half before you make any life-changing decisions.

Memorable Anniversaries

There’s a theme associated with every wedding anniversary up to 60 years – so if you want a fun way of acknowledging your marriage year-on-year, why not stick to the traditional themes and work them into your celebrations? From buying a paper gift to mark your 1st anniversary to heading off on a luxurious trip for your 31st, you can get really creative as the years tick by – finding fun and unique ways to celebrate your marriage.

The post-wedding slump might be unavoidable, but if you consider the big picture, there are plenty of wonderful milestones ahead for you both to enjoy!

Anna Wood – Marketing for Life and Money Ireland by Accumulus

*Weddings Online – Irish Wedding Survey 28 January 2020

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