In order for something to flow and move forward, it starts with the self. From working with 1000s of clients in the area of Holistic Health, Fitness & Wellness, anytime I have seen someone not performing at their best, whether that’s in business, sport, finance, relationships etc. it stemmed from their own self.

All decisions and actions we make and take, are from our own self. And if we are not performing and nourishing as best as we can in the mind, body and spirit, the outcomes of the decisions we take will be in line with how we currently are feeling and living within that present moment.

In order to be clear, structured and content in your finance, you must be clear, structured and content within your own self and the regimes you put in place every day and a weekly basis to enhance and elevate this.

So how do I start?

Move the body, move the mind.

Albert Einstein ‘energy cannot be created or destroyed but can only change from one form to another’. Everything is energy and when we feel tired, overwhelmed, sluggish, negative and any of these undesired emotions we have to remember it is simply just energy. These are sent from the body as a sign and signal something needs to change. As we move the body, we move out these undesired emotions and allow higher emotions that are in line with our best self to flow in. A walk, gym session, cycle, row, find what makes you come alive.

The power of the breathe.

Breathing is one of the most powerful elements we have at our disposal to directly impact our physical and mental health and fitness. Breathing can help strengthen our immune system, balance our nervous system which controls pretty much everything within the body, increase our focus and help send oxygen up to the brain. It can bring us back to the present moment of what is happening right now, when we talk about finance at times this requires us to look into the future or learn from the past, combining this with breathwork allows for clear decisions in the present.

Here are some techniques I use in workshops & with clients:

Box breathing: Inhale (4), Pause (4), Exhale (4), Pause (4)

Heal: Inhale (4), Pause (1), Exhale (8), Pause (2)

On each breath in focus expansion and releasing and letting go on the exhale.

Turning volume up or down

Where energy goes, energy flows. What we decide to turn up more of, the louder it becomes. Think of a car radio, you are sitting in your friends car and there song comes on that you have no interest in, the louder it becomes the more uncomfortable you become. Think of now driving your car and your favourite song comes on, the louder it becomes the more you start to sing and feel alive.

Our thoughts and what we focus on are the same, the more we choose to focus on what’s going wrong the more wrong things we hear and see, the more we can choose to focus on what is going right the more right things we hear and see. The more you allow yourself to be attached to negative energy the more you life will start to follow that way, negative energy will never be fully gone but what can be gone is our response to it and how much volume we decide to turn up on it. Overtime the more we don’t attach ourselves to this, that bad song on the radio overtime starts to become lower and lower.

Here some helpful tips and tools that can help you to start off with creating a healthier self, creating a healthier finance.

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Dan Glynn